I’m out again looking for small towns, really small towns. This time I’m concentrating on a couple in Northern Virginia, and in particular, Luckletts. In the words of Wikipedia it’s a Historic Hamlet. I’ve been through here many times, always on the way to somewhere else. It’s a bit bigger than a wide spot in the road but not much. It is on US-15, a busy highway that starts at Interstate 86 in Painted Post, New York (near Corning, NY) and runs almost 792 miles south through Pa, Md, Va, and NC to its terminus at Alternate U.S. Route 17 in Walterboro, South Carolina. (near I-95 a few miles west of Charleston, SC). In the Maryland/Virginia it’s easily found running between Frederick, Md. and Leesburg, Va.

In Lucketts one can find a gas station/convenience store, and a few Antique Shops, the largest seems is The Old Luckletts Store. But Luckletts is also well-known in the Blue Grass community. For 40 years it’s been home to Lucketts Bluegrass a (mostly) weekly bluegrass concert during the cooler months and festivals in the Community Center.

This is the old Schoolhouse, recently rehabilitated and now the Community Center – much later than my first walk in November, it’s now tjhe end of January with snow on the ground.

I took these photos as I strolled around the hamlet one November afternoon

The Lucketts Store

Or you may find what you need to decorate your estate or mansion at Really Great Finds

The Beekeepers Cottage. I especially like the polka-dot patterns on the shutters.

A colorful antique shop about 2 mile south of town.

Across the street from the Lucketts Store

An American Black Walnut tree dropped some of its nuts outside the community center. These nuts start out with a thick green husk, then a very hard nut. After they drop the green husk turns black, and anything like fingers or clothes that comes in contact also turns black. It is the source for a Black Walnut stain to use on wood projects.
These are not the beige walnuts you find in most grocery stores. The nut meat in these has a richer, I’d call it a deeper flavor than the English variety. This is what I prefer in Brownies, Cookies and in my Oatmeal.

Yes that’s a 1950 Ford Coupe that I featured in another blog post

Faith Chapel Presbyterian Church is only a couple of miles from town

Once off US-15 one can find many peaceful country lanes through the surrounding farmland.