Where will I end up next?

I find myself wandering around Maryland and surrounding states looking for Geocaches, good kayaking sites and just any good photo opportunities that appear. Sometimes these travels lead nowhere, other times I turn up really interesting and unknown places. It’s when I find one of these that I get my camera out and just stroll around taking pictures, not from the ordinary viewpoints, some are more puzzling than others. What I’ll show isn’t what the Tourist Postcards would show.

Some of these communities are the kind that could be called “Wide Spots In The Road“. Sometimes they will hardly show up on Google Maps, most of the time they will be villages that earn a dot or a snall circle on maps. I have no schedule but I hope to make a posting at least monthly, but no promises. I will be roaming in Maryland, and surrounding states from time to time and just taking photos, roughly at random. There is a lot to see in nowhere’ville. Most of the time I will not have a real destination in mind, the weather may be good, or it may be pouring rain. It may be night or day. But I will be taking shots from odd points of view, not the typical tourist view. So get ready to see some different views.

I have a mental list of of places now, and more pop up from time to time. Some are in Maryland, but others are in near-by states. If you have a favorite you’d like to see please send me a comment and I’ll see if it fits into my travels.

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