Gainesville, Ga – not really a small town

As the about page says, I’ll be roaming around, this time I’ve headed south into Georgia to the town of Gainesville. It’s not on my normal route, and I didn’t take the time to get photos of other small towns on this trip, maybe next time. You’ll have to excuse me for straying from my original goal of small town photo walks. Yes Gainesville, Ga calls itself a small town, but it’s not small by what I was thinking, but I was there and strolled around some of the historic area with my camera. Truly small and tiny towns will reappear next time.

The last town was Gratitude, this is another town that starts with “G “Gainesville, one small town that claims to the the Chicken Capitol of the World, there is even a story that one woman was arrested for using a knife and fork, chicken Is meant to be eaten with one’s fingers!. But the was exonerated by a compassionate judge when he found out that she was 91. The day I was in Gainesville I was with my son and though the early morning was comfortable the weather was clear and sunny and soon walking around town became less than comfortable. As we arrived in Gainesville we found a convenient place to park and quickly spotted “209” a 2-10-0 steam locomotive and tender that at one time belonged to the Gainesville Midland Railroad. Also at that site were a Caboose and Baggage Car. We spent a while there getting photos from all sorts of angles, and a bonus, one Geocache.


The Drivers

What else but a RED Caboose

Roof Braces on what could have been the old Railroad Station

As we continued wandering the streets Gainesville we crossed through the Green Street-Brenau Historic District and spotted the statue of “Old Joe”. I won’t go into the controversy about this statue, so you’ll have to read a couple of accounts for yourself. Is “Old Joe” a Rebel? and Another Story of Old Joe

Old Joe

Then on to the business district and some miscellaneous shots.

Chicken on the roof

Some old store roof lines

Sunday morning coffee on the street

Looking north-east on Washington St

Next we strolled over to the more modern government center for more photos and our second Geocache find of the day.

The best looking stairs for a parking garage I’ve ever seen

One entrance to the Courthouse

A lone flower outside the Courthouse

In a memorial plaza in the Government center

The day was getting hot so as we crossed this bridge to return to our car and head home.

The bridge to Nowhere

What small-tiny towns will I find next? I’ve got the next one in the works, another one with a railroad motif, but that’s all I say for now. Beyond that I won’t say what’s up my sleeve. They are much smaller towns than this. I’m keeping my eyes peeled and the camera ready. Stay tuned for more of my travels.


2 thoughts on “Gainesville, Ga – not really a small town

  1. Reblogged this on Weakly Thoughts and commented:

    One more in my series wondering around to small interesting places. This time to a town that didn’t turn out so small at all. The next one is quite small. Keep watching.

    • since you are in Georgia, you may find your way to Atlanta. In the northern suburbs, a tiny town called Mountain Park is hidden away (surrounded by developments). It is right where Fulton, Cobb and Cherokee counties touch. It is a leftover from 100 years ago and the suburbs surrounded it but did not quite absorb it. Unusual. Happy trails to you.

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