Let’s have more Gratitude

Again I’m out roaming around the backroads of Maryland. Rock Hall seems to be the end of the road, but if you take a right turn to head north in a mile or so you come to the real end of the road in a small village I’ve only known as Gratitude. Really, Gratitude may only be a part of Rock Hall but I think of it as it’s own village. There isn’t much going on there but boating, and from the looks of the marinas, mainly sailing.

As I drove down Beach Road one of the residents just stood in the middle of the road till I parked, then ambled over to greet me, he must have been the mayor. After that he slowly walked back to the center of the road, and strode leisurely toward home.

My walking tour, not much over a mile round trip brought me from calm water in one of the harbors to the other end of town at the Gratitude Marina. The weekend I was there was just before Halloween, yes some of the homes were decorated appropriately.

Some of the homes that were not decorated, but had interesting an charming looks to them, time for more photos.

The small and the not so small

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